Dave Wheels

Beginning electronic music practice in the early 1990s, in recent years Dave began working with the concept instrument the TenoriOn, developed at the Yamaha Center for Advanced Sound Technology for music creation using visual cues and intuition. Performing live with the instrument for the first time in Veddel in 2015, Dave has continued to base his practice around the playing of the TenoriOn, appearing at arts festivals and events in the UK and Europe both under his own name and other pseudonyms.

Dave Wheels about his work:

For hundreds of years, clocks have been at the centre of communities, with their sounds calling the faithful to prayer, reassuringly signalling that ‘all is well’ and also ringing out in joyous celebration for festivities and special events. - For Klangturm, I wanted to respect the diversity, age range and also the varied daily lives of the local community whilst also acknowledging the work of Immanuelkirche in creating a community hub, providing a local meeting place and a space for creativity. - Improvising short motifs, I chose the chord F Major 7th for the foundation of the sounds. F Major is often referred to as the ‘happiest’ musical key and the F Major 7th chord uses the notes F, A, C and E: letters that are also found in the clock FACE. - I have also chosen to highlight common stages of the day: When the day has begun, when it is ending (the time for replenishment), the traditional midday announcement that ‘all is well’, and a closing sound to signal the gateway to our relaxation and dreams. Within this framework, gentle hourly markers are accompanied by subtle references to Immanuelkirche itself and also to a ‘master’ number that symbolises spiritual awakening, enlightenment, inspiration and new beginnings.